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black fingernails, red wine


We can only be who we are; no more, no less.

Who? Era. 26. ISFJ.

What's she like? cheerful. cynical. honest. friendly. passionate.

What are the likes? Tv-shows. (Bones, Whedonverse, Once Upon A Time, Lost, Fringe,
True Blood, The Tudors,TBBT, HIMYM, Doctor Who, Spartacus, The Borgias...)
Books. Fanfictions. Animals. Bright sunny mornings. Rainy days for reading.
Coffee. Honesty. Logical thinking. And some craziness.

What is this about? Mostly real life, but there are fandom posts also.

PS. I love challenge comms.

addison montgomery, alan rickman, alexander skarsgard, alexis denisof, alyson hannigan, angel, angel/darla, anita blake, anna paquin, anne hathaway, barney stinson, barney/robin, bones, books, booth/brennan, bridget regan, buffy, buffy/angel, charlaine harris, christina aguliera, chuck, colin firth, craig horner, dark-hunters, david boreanaz, desperate housewives, dexter, dexter/rita, dollhouse, dr horrible, edward/bella, eliza dushku, elizabeth mitchell, emily deschanel, emma thompson, er, eric/pam, eric/sookie, evanescence, firefly, generation kill, ghost whisperer, greys anatomy, harry potter, harry/hermione, henry cavill, hermione/severus, hgss, him, himym, house md, house/cuddy, house/stacy, hugh laurie, in plain sight, jack/juliet, jane austen, jane/lisbon, jasper/bella, jim parsons, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, joss whedon, jr ward, kahlan/richard, kaley couco, kate walsh, keanu reeves, kelly rutherford, kristin bauer, laurell k. hamilton, legend of the seeker, lily/marshall, lois/clark, lost, mamma mia!, max/liz, merlin, merlin/arthur, merry gentry, meryl streep, michelle williams, moonlight, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, nicole kidman, nightwish, north and south, once upon a time, paramore, pride and prejudice, prison break, private practice, roswell, rufus/lily, sawyer/juliet, sherrilyn kenyon, simon baker, smallville, sookie stackhouse, spartacus: blood and sand, supernatural, the big bang theory, the black dagger brotherhood, the mentalist, the rasmus, true blood, tudors, twilight, vampires, wesley/fred, within temptation